I Hate Mazes masochist-pleaser

Mazes. One of humanity’s greatest pastimes, they are surpassed only by the joy of fighting your enemies with a giant metal stick. As Richard M. Stallman once put it, “the joy of solving a difficult maze is nothing short of orgasmic.” I don’t agree with him. Actually, I hate mazes with a burning passion.

Some of them look nice if you step back (I.E., Mathew’s Mazes JESUS, this is ART). Despite looking nice, though, the act of solving them is very unfulfilling and a total buzzkill. “Oh, I’ve found a path to the exit! Oh, no, that was a dead end. I’ll just turn around¬∑ Oh, I’ve a path to the exit! Oh, no¬∑” so on and so forth. It totally sucks.

I’ll keep making mazes, though. I’m a people-pleaser at heart, and if pleasing people means giving the poor masochists what they want– mazes– I’ll bloody do it so no-one else has to take it upon themselves.

So, welcome to I Hate Mazes, where I make a new mazes every day and post it here.

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