Tomorrow IX>

Alright, here goes nothing. Day one, numbero uno… La unua mazo… La un journe… 第一天 اليوم الأول

For quite a while now, I’ve been tormented with dreams of becoming a professional mazeist. These dreams have been euphoric yet painful ever since they cropped up this morning. After all, few hit it big-time in this very tough, competitive business. How can I make it out on top, or at least make some semblance of a name I can call my own? By dedicating my every waking moment and breath to mazes. Thinking only of, in, with, and by mazes. Nothing else matters, family be damned! Food is unecessary! Pets can easily be neglected! All worldly obligations mean nothing in comparison to making mazes.

… or, on second thought, I could just make one maze a day. And post it, you know, here. Yea, that sounds like a better option, all around. Less dead pets.

This first piece I’d like to call “Google Vertere tu usus es copiam”.

Google Vertere tu usus es copiam

You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.