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As a great man once said, “the banner of progresse moves steadfastly forward, even when the ship’s sails are in tatters… after all, the ship uses a high-speed locomotive engine.”

I’m not sure if you’re getting from that what I did, my dear masochistic maze-solver, but it seems to me that it means something like this: When given a hole, toss bodies in it; when given a river, toss bodies in it; when given a lemon, use it to flavour bodies. Always work around a problem– sometimes, you can even turn it to your advantage! Yea, sometimes. Usually not. But when it’s that “sometime,” it feels great! It’s just every other “sometime” that sucks.

Enough with contemplating these heavy things, my maze-solver. I want you to instead rack your brain against this maze, metaphorically and physically.

Lemon is a Seasoning for Flesh

Aha, yes, I have sometime new, this time! Something that, I believe, will revolutionize how people solve mazes for years to come! I’ve written today’s maze in UTF–8!

… I should probably explain what the symbols mean. The open ones (╔,╗,╚,╝,╠,╣,╦,╬,╩) are all valid pathways, totally safe. The lines (─,│) and semi-open (╕,╖,╘,╙,╛,╜,╞,╟,╡,╢,╤,╥,╧,╨,╪,╫) mean that the lined part/segment is an ending path, AKA walking there is a no-no. Asterisk (*) means “ignore me.” Good luck!


You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.