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You know, I wonder what happened to good ol’ John Titor. He seemed friendly enough, didn’t he? Also like quite the smart and valiant soldier. It’s a shame he had to go back to 2038, it’s a shame that the US hasn’t broke out into civil war, and it’s also a shame that World War 3 hasn’t happened, like he predicted. I’m not some war-mongering sadist, mind you. It’s just that everyone’s jumping on his back over some failed predictions and inconsistencies that can easily be explained away.

I mean, just because the wars haven’t happened doesn’t mean that he is a fake– surely his mere presence would have been enough to diverge time-lines? Or maybe he accidentally came to the wrong time-line in the first place, so the predictions never really applied to us anyway? Eh, whatever. Oh, and about the one-post-says-“I was a part of WW3”-and-another-post-says-“I hid from WW3”, there is a simple explanation. For the first half of WW3, he fought valiantly. For the second half, he hung back and played Solitaire.

Now, onto the maze…

Time is a Maze


You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.