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I’m sorry, friend. It’s simply been too long, hasn’t it? This is unacceptable, and I’m not sure who to blame for my absence! Oh, wait, yes I do. Of course I do. George Soros forgot to send me this week’s check for the u̓b͚l̶iͦm᷂i͂n͚u̹l̀m̞e̯y͊ ẻs̞u̮g͓m͂ō̰. But he’s sent it now, and order is restored– thanks, Mr. Soros, patron and good mate #1! <3

Now, this time-management-unrelated leave of absence has made me realize how awful my time-management really is. The thought process is something a little like this:

“Oh, damn, Soros didn’t send the money! :-( I guess I can’t make my maze today, after all. Well, I guess I’d just put off the maze for an hour or so even if I did have the money, anyway… I ought to be productive instead. … or I could do that in an hour or so.”

See? Isn’t that simply toxic? Yes, yes it is. I will de-toxify the drinking supply, though! I’ll use plenty of soap and hand-sanitizer, and also elbow-grease! And sweat, elbow-sweat. This river will be so clean you won’t recognize it! In fact, I think I’ll make some changes for the better. Ohh, how about using food-colouring to change it’s colour? I quite like red. A red river would be nice. Or perhaps purple? Yellow? Ew.

OK, this metaphor’s gone far enough.
TL;DR sry bby ill do btr nxt tym


No UTF version… I haven’t seen this week’s UTF Consortium check yet.

You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.