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You know, this is day seven of I Hate Mazes. I mean, it hasn’t been one week straight, but it’s been a segmented week. Seven mazes total, just about a week of mazes. That’s crazy. In fact, it’s bonkers. (Please excuse my French!)

Do you know what this means? I’m in what I like to call the “sandwich stage.” You know how everyone knows the ending and beginning to Titanic, even if they haven’t seen it? It’s because that’s all anyone really cares about– the beginning and the end. Any new visitors to this site, for instance, will check the first maze or two and then the last maze or two before leaving forever. And this maze right here (and all subsequent mazes) will, after mere hours, will each “middle” mazes, replaced by the next day’s subsequent maze.

Essentially, all mazes from this point on are “sandwiched” or “soon-to-be sandwiched” between the beginning, end, and padded by all the other middle bits. If these are all effectively “sandwiched,” then I can say whatever the hell I want, since no-one pays attention to the middle!

I’ll have to think of good things to say tomorrow– I simply must take advantage of this new-found soapbox!

Antifa is 10/10

Still no UTF money yet! I’m pissed.

You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.