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Wow, what a shit start to the wondrous sandwich stage! Why have I been slacking? Well, it’s a long story. Actually, it’s a very, very short story. I’m lazy and have other things I like to do, other than making mazes. :)

But don’t fret! I shan’t get my priorities so confused ever again! Certainly, mazes are the NUMBER ONE priority ALWAYS. In fact, here’s a promise: If I miss another day, I’ll eat my hat! If I miss two days, I’ll also digest the hat! Are you satisifed, now?

(P.S. to George Soros: I love you, I’m so sorry I’ve missed the past few days. Don’t worry about the bill next month, honey. You can stop by anytime… the door’s always open. <3)


No UTF version today. I was followed last night by a black car– when I got to my doorstep, a single shot was fired, right in front of my foot. I have no doubt that these were UTF Consortium goonies– I will not give in.

You can find the solution here, if you’re stumped.