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I don’t know if you’ve been informed, or if you’ve been keeping up, or if you live under a rock, or what kind of person you are. I’m afraid we’re strangers, to a degree. We’ll never get any closer than this, stranger. The abstraction of time, text, and the physical seperation of your computer monitor from this data– these all ensure that we’ll literally never come into contact. And the fact that my web-server is configged to have no logs… well, that just further seals the deal, doesn’t it? You might not exist, I’ve realized, dear masochist– er, maze-ist. But that’s fine. At least the screens comforting colours mean that the black void I’m shouting into is rather pleasant.

Anyway, it’s Halloween! Traditionally the day of year where the J’Amish would go on serial rampages to cleanse the world of the impure in blood, today’s All-Hallow’s Eve has more to do with indirectly murdering children through diabetes and obesity. So… I guess that means the J’Amish are still winning, just about. Darn. That’s a shame.

Spooky Bois Get Lots of Gois

═╝║ ╠╝╠╝╠╗╚╣
╔╩═╩═╩═╝║ ║
║╖╔╗╷ ╚═╝

On a (brighter? debatable) note, I’ve started up the UTF mazes again. Frankly, I was starting to get pretty terrified by the people in the black van. They don’t shoot anymore– at least, not since yesterday. All they do now is stare. The window rolled down just enough so I can see the sun’s reflection in their sunglasses, the sunglasses which track my every move. Once, this morning, they rolled the left window down all the way, just to stick their tongue out at me. It was pretty spooky– honestly, that was what set me over the edge on this whole “do-I-make-UTF-mazes-without-payment-or-not” topic.

Cheers, good luck. Please, wish me luck, too… I don’t want to live in fear anymore.