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Thanksgiving is a day of… well, you know, the titular stuff. Thanks, and giving (?) I guess. I mean, there’s some gratitude and thanks thrown around. Not so sure about the “giving” bit, but whatever.

Yea, it seems kind of weak to me, too. A day dedicated to “Thanks” and gratitude, family and contentment– but it’s immediately followed by Black Friday, which is basically the modern-day gladiator fights (but over shiny iPhones). One day, “thanks for this meal,” the next, “I’ll fucking trample you to death over this phone.” Something about that doesn’t settle with me. I mean, they’re completely opposed to each other. You can’t really get into the “Thanksgiving spirit” of gratitude and contentment and get into the materialistic greed of Black Friday– the latter cancels out the former and reveals it to be just shallow posturing.

Oh, and might I add: Black Friday, net, you probably don’t save too much, anyway. Some stores jack up the price beforehand just to make the price-cut seem so much biggeer, others will exaggerate the savings with pure dishonesty. And you’ll probably end up buying a lot of stuff you wouldn’t otherwise buy that you really don’t need. I know, I know, most everyone tells themselves, “I’ll only buy what I was already planning on buying–” and to some degree, that kinda happens. But it always ends up falling apart, and you know it. You aren’t strong, neither am I. We’re stupid meatbags.

On a related note, here’s a maze:

pacman is the best package manager

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