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Well, I made a voodoo doll yesterday. No, not of anyone in particular– despite how *wonderful that would be, it’s quite hard to find an adequate amount of blood from a stranger/close friend– it’s just of myself. It’s a cute, ugly little thing that vaguely resembles the form of a person, with visible purple stitches standing out from it’s pink body. Two different-button eyes crook at the top of it’s face, and three slanted stitches with a line through them creep on the bottom. Oh, and, of course, on the inside, there’s a fair amount of my blood in it.

From this process I’ve learnt two things:

1) Voodoo might be mere superstition with no basis in empirical fact

2) Never cut your thumb for blood

Seriously, never cut your thumb for blood! Thumbs are usually calloused, so it’s really hard to get blood from them even when you do cut deep enough, and they are really useful, so you feel a slight annoyance for a while afterward whenever using it (AKA all the time).

I’ve also come to the conclusion just now that: Even if the doll isn’t perfectly binded to my physical body, she does have my DNA in her. I have a child! A nice, large-pocket-sized, never-needs-food rock-pet of a child! How wonderful! :)

Now I just wish she could curse my enemies with the wrath of a thousand Shinto deities.

… and now, for the weather.

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